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Skill Development Training ensures livelihood for every citizen to success "Make in India"        

An unique, visionary skill development training institution with state of art infrastructure dedicated for industry oriented professional skill based training in hospitality operations. Study materials provided to the students are formulated on the basis of latest industry trends and is modified as and when need arises. Students of low to medium educational profile, with financially challenged & socially deprived backgrounds, are privileged to get an opportunity to hone their skills at such an innovative training institution that provides most contemporary pedagogical methatodology. Provided free lifetime placement and career guidance along with many value add ons to all SLIE-ites (alumnus). Giving value for money and time spent by all individuals.

The institution aims towards skill development of the students as per Government CSR guidelines, mentioned in schedule VII- "Promoting special education and employment enhancing vocational skills and livelihood enhancement training programs". It is the golden avenue to navigate the students to learn, earn and of course to stand on their feet in consequence. We at our institution aim to train the students based upon hands on, role play, simulation, audio-visual techniques, classroom teaching and assessment test. It enables the students to perform at their best. We literally have started a new era for the ordinary guy or girl to achieve the most sought for success in a way unparallel at this moment, other than technical skill, good moral and ethical practices preached to make " Global Citizen".



Authorised VTP

Registered Vocational Training Provider(VTP), under Directorate General of Employment & Training, Ministry of Labour,

Government of India{aligned with Skill Devlopment Initiative Scheme, based on MES course approved by NCVT}









  To leave a global mark in the field of professional skill development training.          

 To identify possible avenues for employment & supplying skilled work force through "need based training".            

 To help"socially and economically challenged" communities, worldwide,to brake free the shackles of economic depravity stigma & make them partner in global economic growth.     

  To convert "moments of truth" into"moments of magic" & to deliver "WOW" factor through service.

 To facilitate transformational changes,while respecting   & encouraging individual cultures.          



Core Values    

 Rendering service to all common people,irrespective of caste, creed & religion                           

  Ensuring full disclosure and tranparency in all spheres of activity.              

  A commitment to innovative skill development training practices & excellence.          

  Embrance and accept positive changes.              

  Sharing responsibility to create a better world & society for tomorrow.





Inspiring Quotation

Swami Vivekananda

“Take Risks In Your Life”

 If You Win, You Can Lead 

If You Loose, You Can Guide.


“You can't believe in god

  until you believe in yourself”.

Message from Principal

Mr. Siddhartha Das Gupta

With population explosion in India, nearly two crores young Indian citizens enter the job market every year (as per Government survey). With economic stagnation worldwide, lack of sufficient new manufacturing based factories, the job market has grown merely at a rate 2% per annum ( between 2000 – 2012), according to Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India. In a country, where crores of graduates, post graduates and engineers are unemployed, who will think about the underprivileged youth of India, who cannot finish formal education and enter a college, due to economic constraints? more >>




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