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Silver Lining Institute of Education (SLIE) is an unique autonomous Training / Tutorial institute which is running different "Livelihood Generating Skill Enhancement Tutorial Programs as well as different Fitness Related Training Courses" for all, at West Bengal, India. We also provide our services to the "Socially & Economically Challenged Citizens of our society and for Women Empowerment too". This is completely an individual concept run privately by the promoter himself.

To get rid of huge unemployment pressure and to bring the middle class & backward, deviated students back to normal life, the birth of SLIE took place. Through a fully professional skill development and industry oriented training & fitness courses, students / professionals are finding totally a new path to achieve the goal of their life by getting employment in various parts of hospitality, aviation & fitness related industries.

Our institute gives an opportunity to all participants to learn, earn and be self-reliant as a consequence of our training.  The professional present industry oriented training methodologies followed at our institution are based upon demonstrations, 'hands on' practices, role play and audio-visual displays. As it enables the students to perform at their best, even the students with moderate aptitude achieve success, and see "Silver Lining" at the end of the curriculum.


1. Brand in Skill Development Tutorial / Training and Livelihood Generation

2. Enhance Fitness Training in India

3. Continual Development

4. Value for Money and Time Spent all Stakeholders 

Core Values

1. Honesty

2. Employee Centric

3. Responsibility and Accountability

4. Customer Centric

5. Excellence in Deliveries



Aiming to delight industry / future employer by providing skilled & fit workforce, with built in core values and also aim to impart visible improvement of the society by inculcating quality education / fitness training.



We believe in delivering quality to our customers with a mindset of adopting changes by constantly focusing on industry requirements and deliverables. We also intend to reduce unemployment / diseases by creating skilled workforces and fitness training. All of our employees will strive to deliver quality at their respective levels.




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