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Generating impact through “Human to Human (H2H)” services

Social Impact Analysis



Immediate locality

Country at large

Earning for self support

Distribution of wealth. Marginal propensity to consume will generate Rs.2.5 extra income for others in nearby locality for every Rs.1 spends by the family. (Assuming the family spends 60% of the monetary support given by the earning member)

Responsible citizen

Economically supporting family

Curbed of crime rate

A small cog wheel in the growth of national GDP

Generation of disposable income

Inspiration for others to follow footsteps

Meeting of diverse cultures

 Methodology applied for measuring “Skill Training Impact”

A. Filling out of both “Open” & “Close” ended questionnaire by the guardians

B. Alumni feedback questionnaire

C. Alumni job assistance questionnaire

D. Monthly follow up to alumnus

E. “Staying in touch” through social media

F. Interactive video 



How SLIE offered skill courses are “Value for Money and Time”?

1. Approximately 90%-95% “Hotel Management” students end up in joining “Entry Level” jobs after spending 3-4 years in studies and several lakhs of rupees. SLIE's certificate skill training courses are of 6 months duration, hence its students start earning at least 2.6 years earlier than the others.

2. SLIE's all short term skill training courses are ensuring minimum return on the course fees will be 12% after successful completion of total training. Break even after approximately 12 months from the date of successful completion of total training.

3. SLIE's diploma courses are different from SLIE's short term skill training courses but having complete assurance of "Value for Money & Time".

4. Lifetime better career guidance provided on SLIE courses only.

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